Louis Prang House

45 Centre Street


Style: Italianate

The Louis Prang House was built in 1832 as the home of Louis Prang, founder of the

Prang Art publishing House. Today the house is the site of Prang Estates, affordable housing built by the John B. Cruz Construction Company.


Louis Prang (1824-1909) emigrated to the United States in 1850. He fled Germany after the revolution of 1848 as he was a supporter of social democracy. In Boston he began as a wood engraver and in 1856 founded the Louis Prang Art Publishing House (right behind his house on 45 Centre Street).


Prang continued his political activism in the United States, organizing opposition to the “two year Amendment” passed in 1860 with support of the Know Nothings. This amendment deprived naturalized citizens of the right to vote until two years after the completion of their citizenship


The Prang home was located right above the Prang factory on Roxbury Street, a 19th century industrial planning concept. When the building became Centre Manor Nursing Home, additions obscured most of the house. The Boston Architectural Team Inc designed the current renovation removing the nursing home additions and returning the building to its original design. .


The Prang Estates provides 33 units of affordable housing


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