BIBLIOGRAPHY This study was written in the fall of 1990 and has been completely revised and reorganized. The original typewritten bibliography list of the sources studied that were available in 1990. In the intervening years new material has been published and older material consulted that was overlooked in 1990. New material has been cited in various footnotes.

Four of the major players in the development of Washington Park went home to Glory since 1990 and the obituaries of Otto Snowden, Mayor John Collins, BRA Director Logue and HUD Secretary Robert Weaver are included in this appendix bibliography as well as the architect Carl Koch who died in 1998.

Two valuable books on Boston urban renewal were published in the 1990’s after this study was completed.

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“ We managed to do a very different kind of urban renewal in the neighborhoods.. .the entire master plan for Boston from 1950 was based on the “tower in the park” concept. ... the West End became a Corbusier tower in the park. There are secrets to what we were able to do [ in Roxbury].One is you have to have a political leader who is tough and has vision. John Collins had that.”


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